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was very good. Theme, one of the main themes in this novel is racism. Since Phillip and Timothy got to know each other better, they became very good friends, and Phillip is not racist to Timothy anymore! . We are given an good insight into Phillips background by the way he behaves and feels towards a illip is quite spoilt at home and he cannot fend for is changes though when he becomes friends with Timothy, who is both physically and mentally stronger. On page 74, it says: ". Bibliography: Taylor,.

Phillip thinks that Timothy is ugly, stupid, and different, all because he is black. Overall I would give this novel.7 out. Essay Topic 2, define the term "protagonist." How does Phillip fit the definition of a protagonist? Phillip nurses him back to health but he will never regain his full strength. We are introduced to a character named Molly Grue. He is a twelve-year-old boy who undergoes many changes and in many ways, all because he was stranded on a Cay, a cay is another name for a small island. Undoubtedly, this book is quite educative for those readers, who are interested in history, geography, human psychology and other subjects. The author is very successful in portrayal of the scenes from the war, courage, struggle for life and personal transformations of the characters, their friendship and mutual trust, and the fall of racial prejudice. Racism prevents you from making relationships with other people. School Essays the Changes In The Narratot's View Of Sonny. But now in my memory, it did not seem ugly at all.

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