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accessible by a wooden ladder. tags: History Historical Essays Middle Ages. A medieval serfs clothing or dress consisted of: A blouse of cloth or skin, fastened by a leather belt round the waist. This floor was used mostly as living quarters, primarily inhabited by the younger members of the family, since it was considered safer. Peasants in the Early Middle Ages were for the most part somewhat independent depending on their regions lord, regional lordsoften kingscommanded a share of the peasants produce and, occasionally, labor services while some of the peasantswould be tenants or slaves of a lord; others would. During Easter, the serfs would offer the Lord an additional dozen eggs, and during Christmas the serf would offer a goose to his lord.

Fast and accurate facts about Medieval Serfs. Free Essay: Life in the Medieval Era Living in the medieval time period was not as glamorous as it is often portrayed; peasants and serfs led hard lives. Interesting Facts and information about Serfs in the Middle Ages; The Daily Life o f Medieval Serfs and Peasants; Definition of Serfs; Daily Life and work. Medieval Peasants; Medieval Serf; Medieval Serf Status; Medieval Serf Slaves;.

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Medieval serfs were in the lowest level of peasants. Common Tasks for Medieval Workers January February work indoors repairing hunting nets, sharpening tools, review of novels making utensils on mild days work outdoors to gather firewood, prune vines and mend fences. A peasants work was never appreciated by the high social classes. Other places that experienced peasant revolts were Sweden, Portugal, France and Germany. Embedded in its history are the many eras of man which have constructed our modern learning, art, beliefs, and order. The idea that people were filthy and stinky is a myth. The colour of the local soil gave the plaster vibrant white, yellow or red colour, depending on the minerals present. These houses had thatched roofs and little furniture. The economic standing temporarily showed an incline in quality of life for peasants but ended with the same negative outcome as with the other aspects of their lives.

The daily life of a medieval serf was quite hard.
During the middle ages (medieval times) the lives of villagers (se rfs) were far from easy.
Hard work and continuous effort required to ensure.
The Peasants life journey, through the Middle Ages was tough.