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which to use our vast-flowing vigor, but the spirit flows through us when we are receptive to the universal impulse to believe. I hear always the law of Adrastia, "that every soul which had acquired any truth, should be safe from harm until another period." I know that the world I converse with in the city and in the farms, is not the world I think. Page 580 "A state of war or anarchy, in which law has little force, is so far valuable that it puts every man on trial."The Conservative Nature, Addresses and Lectures. But I have not found that much was gained by manipular attempts to realize the world of thought. Emerson gave a humorous account of his setting forth the faith or hope of the non-resistants and idealists in New England, to the amazed and shocked ears of Carlyle and Arthur Helps. Nature hates peeping, and our mothers speak her very sense when they say, "Children, eat your victuals, and say no more." To fill the hour, that is happiness; to fill the hour, and leave no crevice for a repentance or an approval. This vigor accords with and assists justice and reason, and leaves no hunger." - In our more correct writing, we give to this generalization the name of Being, and thereby confess that we have arrived as far as we can. It is a main lesson of wisdom to know your own from another's. Grant it, and as much more as they will, but thou, God's darling! Presently comes a day, or is it only a half-hour, with its angel-whispering,-which discomfits the conclusions of nations and of years! "They combed his mane, they pared his nails, cut off his tail, set him on end, sent him to school and made him pay taxes, before he could begin to write his sad story for the compassion or the repudiation of his descendants, who are.

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I say to the Genius, if he will pardon the proverb, I n for a mill, in for a million. "The Abandonment of Reality: Emerson's Legacy of 'Man-Thinking. Of course, neither mood, nor fortune, nor genius would matter without the proper temperament, the iron wire on which the beads are strung. But the definition of spiritual should be, that which is its own evidence. We too fancy that the upper people must have raised their dams.

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