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never said their prayers, without facing the East, or that part of the World, whence the sun rises. The next song finds Judas appearing to Jesus from beyond the grave to sing "Superstar a fragment of which was"d at the Last Supper. Caiaphas and Annas are terrified of Jesus growing power and need to eliminate him as soon as possible. Were more popular than Jesus right now. We are inclined to drift in a passive "feed me something I like" sort of faith.

Thus, with the advent of the Second Adam who has fulfilled that potential for sharing God's loving desire, another way, the way of love, has finally been established as part of Creation's ongoing process of coming to the fulfillment of God's Love. Aeon/Horus was born of the Virgin Isis. And like Gomer, shall we find ourselves falling in love with our Beloved, even in the Valley of Achor/Tribulation?-Hos.2:15 blood covenant christianity agape love OF GOD True agape love means total exclusive commitment. The divorce lawyer, understanding friends, and our indulgent society then help them as they "go through" the divorce. " Why I Am Not a Christian ". Judas is in an impossible situation; there is no easy way out. The opening images of the film version of Superstar created stunning visuals metaphors for this cultural tumult, panning across actual ruins in Israel, literally showing us the crumbling edifice of organized religion; and there in the middle of the ruins, the camera reveals modern-day scaffolding. We have quite enough 'religion' right now, thank you very much. Jesus message was one of peace, of morality and fairness; but also, a message of complete social upheaval. There were 120 committed Jewish saints in that upper room when the Holy Spirit fell. Conversely, religion dictates those graphic organizer for writing a research paper answers to humans, rather than allowing them to explore and form their own morality. Their position in the church brings with it not only substantial wealth but also political power, which is now being threatened by Jesus.

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