essay on a village life

most common event. That is to say, people living in cities are different from people living in the city. Wherrefer TO live, well, truly speaking I prefer living in a village, because am the kind of a person who likes the sounds of nature, and the easy way of a lifestyle, and the reason is that I dont like living in crowded places and. Therefore, there is no noise of traffic and no accident. Anyway, in some places villages tend to be near some rivers or streams, thus making the villagers become fishermen as a way of a living. They do not know the laws of health. A large number of children are engaged in economic activities, mainly agriculture. At night, they stay together with a lamp, and old people tell the younger ones stories, till its time to go bed. That is to say air is clean and fresh so people can grow fruit which is much healthier. Cottage industries should be revived and agriculture should be modernized.

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One would not be able to go outside without bumping into people. The villagers are poor, ignorant and superstitious. The other thing is that villagers tend to be more healthier than people who live in towns and cities, because the food they consume is basically from the crops they grow, so all the foods in villages are fresh and healthy. Do you know differences between city life and village life? There are fewer cars than in the city.