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more than 3 credits of directed independent study (such as GEO 6908 or GLY 6908) may be used to fulfill the minimum credits for either degree option. A grade of "C-" or better (unless otherwise noted in the course description) is required in all psychology courses taken as part of the requirements for the Applied Mental Health Services certificate. J., Emeritus; Restrepo,. In Environmental Science is also available as a combined, accelerated program with the.S. Two (2) of the 30 credits must involve courses in which the student presented a formal seminar. Note: Courses used to fulfill requirements for a major may not be used for the minor. The best time to change advisors is after completion of the.A. Programs must be from physics courses at the 6000 level approved by the graduate advisor. Honors Program in Physics Qualified physics majors may elect to complete an Honors Program (thesis) prior to graduation. Ibes faculty have considerable experience conducting research to address these difficult conservation problems, particularly in South Florida's extensive freshwater and marine ecosystems.

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Biomedical Science Concentration (ibbs) Completion of the ibbs concentration provides students with advanced knowledge and research experience in the biomedical science field. Successfully complete a Master's examination. The Integrative Biology program focuses on the relationship between cell/molecular functions and experimental biology in the broad sense, with a view to connectivity between levels of biological organization and biological processes. Complete an honors compact with their faculty mentor, which is an agreement that the projects will be conducted at the honors level. The dissertation must be approved by the doctoral dissertation supervisory committee, the department chair and the Graduate College. Doctoral Degree Program Information The Charles. Students should complete the application form and submit it to the honors coordinator. In addition, comprehensive exams must be completed before a doctoral student is admitted to candidacy. Geosciences description of a school bus essay Core Courses (required of all students) Introductory Statistics STA 2023 3 General Chemistry 1 and Lab CHM 2045, 2045L 4 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 4 Introduction to Mapping and GIS GIS 3015C 3 Geosciences Honors Colloquium GEO 4920 1 Core Total 15 Bachelor. Core Courses (10 credits required) Venture Creation ENT 6016 3 Biotechnology Business Development ENT 6196 3 Two 2-credit internships* 4 * Each internship will last one semester. Students who have completed upper-level chemistry courses are eligible to enter the program if they have an overall GPA.3 or higher and are nominated by a faculty member.