using abbreviations in essays

the abbreviations mean reduction or reduced form of a word or phrase. Reductions in use and their meanings. Example: Poor: B2B applications are gaining popularity. Should you spell out the name of the test instrument on first use in your paper? Note also that there is no rule requiring you to abbreviate a term that appears three or more times.

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In one memorable article, subjects who participated in the follow-up study were designated the FU group. In this post well look at the last of these issues: when and how to abbreviate terms in your academic writing. However, abbreviations can appear in the text as fixed proper sociology essays on polygamy or personal names of some organizations, or for members of some particular organizations. Though, when dealing with abbreviations not all the cases are easy to understand at once. Remember to use the abbreviation consistently thereafter.

When is it appropriate to use abbreviations?

using abbreviations in essays

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