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over the latter. The real question is not whether politics should recognise religious identities. Religion is also a vital basis for identity formation. Any attempt to project a monolithic religious and political identity of a community, would, thus not only be a negation of the entire history of religious communities in India but would also retard its future growth. Sikh religion and politics though closely related were autonomous. The question should not be whether religion and politics are related to each other, but what should be their precise relationship? The Christian religion has a central being that is all-powerful and controls every aspect of mankind oxbridge essay writing competition from fate among the living to the outcome of one after he has perished whereas the Greek religion has many gods, some more powerful than others, but none can.

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If politics is the last refuge of scoundrels, and religion, the opium of the masses, any nexus between the two is bound to spell doom. As the individual members of the former too would not have any option, it would amount to their regimentation and a goodbye to democracy. It maintains that nations are morally justified in fighting war providing that the circumstances of the conflict meet the seven principles that suggest the requirements to be involved in war. The historic origin of every religion can be fundamentally comprehended as the tendency of human intellect to go beyond what it can grasp in the ground reality. In practice, members of every community need to associate with those of other communities to promote their class, professional and cultural interests through, say, organisations of workers, peasants, occupational groups, writers, artists, etc.

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