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created his own Mississippi County, Yoknapatawpha, as the setting for much of his fiction. Miss Emilys actions seem to be from eccentric to absurd in logical thinking as she tries to maintain the role of Southern women in being dignified with proper manners. We cant quite penetrate her or completely understand her. In light of Homers feelings toward marriage Emily had been seen in town at the jewelers purchasing a mens toilet set in silver with the letters.B. It is at this point that we truly begin to question if Miss Emily has foul intentions. The narrative sequence in this story is not chronological; the reader learns Miss Emilys history in much the same way a newcomer to Jefferson might hear about her history. The tension arising from the collision of these cultures has given rise to a creative outburst of which Faulkner and A Rose for Emily are significant parts. William Faulkners, a Rose for Emily, literary Analysis, in William Faulkners story A Rose for Emily his main character Miss Emily Griersons deranged behavior leaves the reader questioning her mental status. (Source) William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway were friends.(Source)Or were they Hemingway's take on Faulkner: "Poor Faulkn. After her fathers death and a short time her sweetheart, the one we believed would marry her, had deserted her. What's Up With the Title?

In the story, Emily is constantly judged by the townspeople because of her physical appearance, but they do not understand what she is going through emotionally. Narrator Point of View, the fascinating narrator of "A Rose for Emily" is more rightly called "first people" than "first person." The narrator speaks sometimes for the men of Jefferson, sometimes for the women, and often. Therefore, this setting takes place in the deep south of Mississippi during the Post Civil War days in a small town named Jefferson. Take a gander over to our Characteristics of Southern Gothic page for a quick second.

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(Faulkner, 1) This clearly shows the decline of the home, which is part of the setting that represents her social and personal decline. For rats and such? To support the insight of Faulkners use of Southern setting and Emilys social struggles, the following"s are given: Miss Emilys house was left, lifting its stubborn and coquettish decay above the cotton wagons and the gasoline pumps, an eyesore among eyesores. All these speculations about the principal characters Emily and Homer have one questioning what the narrators intention towards them was really. In contrast, Homers carriageconsidered gaudy by the townspeoplesymbolizes the difference between the towns old-fashioned attitudes (reflective of the Old South) and Homers more modern one (reflective of the emerging New South). By this I mean, Emily is the opposite of Maud. The town seems to be narrating the story of Emily in a form of gossip circles to reiterate her living alone with her only servant.

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literary analysis essay rose for emily