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includes work by both David Goldblatt and Haroon Gunn-Salie. The exhibition features 14 artists who are using fashion, textile, and clothing to comment on social and political landscapes since 1994, to consider a feeling of lacking social change within the country, and to imagine new alternatives for South Africas future. Executive Function represents what the artist calls a microcosm of tragedy, one characterized by conflict, including a battle depicted in the upper half of the work. Views of passersby and close-ups of objects record the intimate, fleeting encounters of daily life at street level, while images of looming skyscrapers convey the citys vast scale and evolving skyline. Textuality, a juried show at the Manifest Creative Research and Drawing Center Gallery in Cincinnati,. Collection of the artist; courtesy Mitchell-Innes Nash, New York. (228.6 188 cm bottom: 66. Beyond the impulse to expand the artistic possibilities within the concept of counterpoint, Washington wanted to create something that opened peoples minds to the gift of diversity.

Collection of the artist; courtesy Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago Irena Haiduk Lyle Ashton Harris Born 1965 in Bronx, NY Lives in New York, NY Lyle Ashton Harriss Once (Now) Again is part of a larger ongoing project, the Ektachrome Archive, comprising slide images shot between. Lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her raw, cartoonish paintings and drawings, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer offers wry, sensitive commentary on the times in which we live. South African-based Zimbabwean Gerald Machona is also included with his video work Vabvakure (People from Far Away) and his sculpture Ndiri Afronaut. Irena Haiduk, The Birth of Frauenbank, 2017. The exhibition revolves around the recent environmental tragedy caused by the collapse of two dams in the town of Mariana, in Minas Gerais, Brazil that made headlines across the world. Her images personalize the immigrant experience and give visibility to the normally unseen. Metal, styrofoam, fiberglass, wood, latext pain, concrete pavers, faux rocks and other materials, dimensions variable. Throughout the Biennial, Whitney employees can opt to use the program, which will insert a footer into every email sent from participating users in the whitney. Given the deep socioeconomic and cultural changes experienced by these regions, the outlines that define this South are gradually changing in their statute. The installation is designed to disorient, with spinning video projections and out-of-sync audio evoking genesis amnesia, or the condition of forgetting ones own origins. Trunk, wood, aluminum, rubber wheel, found figurines, iPhone with selfie stick, LCD screen and motor, 81 x 47 x. This year we welcome such luminaries as Amy Sherald, Wendy Red Star, Sharon Louden, and Leonardo Drew.