essay on advantages and disadvantages of computer games

human takes much time to take those decisions. For example from groceries to buying a car. In the advertising industry, many companies are becoming extinct because many people are advertising themselves by using Facebook, Done Deal and many other online services.

They use many social media sites and online dating to socialise with people. Entertainment can be seen through technology not only on the television. Current development of computer technology in relation to healthcare : Computer technology is a basic essential in hospitals, nursing homes and home care environments; everything is computerised and electronically done so therefore everyone has to have general knowledge and understanding of computers starting with doctors. Nowadays in the 21st century, we rely a lot on computer technology.

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Doctors use computerised robots to perform surgeries and can get access information from hospitals and doctors across the world for reference. Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology Internet. Our free tips will help you to get through any kind of essays. We can finish our daily projects, presentations and other work very easily with the help computers. Many people dont tend to socialise as much as they did. Yet, if you think for a while, you will find some disadvantages,.g. Knowing or learning multiple languages, choosing to pursue a technical profession Pursuing a humanitarian profession Receiving an education online Studying on Saturdays Reducing the length of the summer vacation Completing online courses, classes, or training in different areas of knowledge Learning foreign languages online. Inspired by the life of St Joseph, the school promotes a culture of faith, justice and service. You can also play various types of games on computers. You can check out some ideas for your advantages and disadvantages essay below. "Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology." All Answers Ltd. If the main server of computers breaks down all the system can be destroyed which affect the working of the organization.

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