research paper about technology and livelihood education

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This study employed the descriptive-survey method of research ; covered 8 general secondary and 3 technical vocational schools in the Division of Catanduanes with an actual size of 113 respondents.
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The most noteworthy training is what does not just give us data butrather makes our life in congruity with all presence. The main objective ofthis module is to enable the students to start their own smallhousehold enterprise with the help of their family members and earna livelihood. The Entrepreneurship Education-based TLE is focused on the learning of some livelihood skills every quarter, so that is public shaming effective essay the student may be equipped to start a small household enterprise with family members. Let's just say, it has a very big role in most aspects of our lives. Friday, October 12, become a Member! The importance of livelihood education is to make the students more skilled. It is everything from robotics to auto shop to graphic design. It provides not only basic information on any course but excellence to it as well. Builds interaction between diverse cultures.

Research paper about technology and livelihood education
research paper about technology and livelihood education