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10, etc. People believe that boys are the key to continue their family lineage however they do not understand the most simple thing that girls are reasons to give birth to new entity in the world not boys. More effective implementation of PC and pndt Act;. Son is considered as family asset however a daughter is a liability. Women should be go green save environment essay empowered so that they can be more attentive to their rights. Surgical operations can also be used for the termination of pregnancies in women particulary after eight weeks of conception. Female Foeticide Essay 3 (200 words). Female Foeticide/Infanticide: The term female foeticide means killing the female foetus in the mothers womb. Female Foeticide Essay 6 (400 words). Permanent termination of license should be done if found practicing this. Many families consider it a status symbol to have a son, and a point of shame to have a daughter.

Illiteracy, insecurity and poverty of people in society are main reasons of girl baby burden. In order to combat with sex-selective abortions, there should be high level awareness among common public. Girl child is killed before birth just to fulfill the wishes of old members in the family of getting boy baby first. Remember, daughters are no less than sons.

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Prostaglandin chemical abortion, iLL effects OF female foeticide: 1) Adverse effect on the mental and physical health of mother:-Most women are forced to be a part of female foeticide due to family pressure, socioeconomic status etc. Law cannot control the information that is conveyed through a mere smile or frown face. Female infanticide or female feticide is mainly because sqa higher history essays of the sex determination. People in the Indian society are used to of giving birth to the child continuously until they get boy baby by killing all the girl baby earlier to the boy. It has declined from 927 in 2001 to 914 in 2011. Killing of a baby girl through abortion has been an offence all through the country. India is a country of 102.7 crore population, out of which.1 crores is of males and.6 crores is of females, show more content, ultra sound machines continued to be widely available and simple to use. Juvenile (0-6 age group) Sex Ratio: The sex ratio in the 0-6 age group in India shows a more disturbing situation. Female Foeticide Essay 2 (150 words). Female foeticide is the termination of a female foetus from the womb of mother through abortion in illegal manner for some assumed cultural reasons. Women should be empowered to deal with discriminatory practices in the society like dowry system, etc.