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school transcript is a disaster even though you have fabulous SAT scores. So much more interesting than if the authors had simply said, for example, the values that are important to me are connection, intimacy, family, and listening. I see a need to promote how Celtic culture shaped current American society, and want to explore the gender roles of early Celtic culture. I hope to contribute ideas on how the school can help students continue to feel part of the community and celebrated for their differences. In short, you need to talk crap about your ex but still be really nice about. If you think Boston University was too big and too impersonal but are applying to transfer to another school equally as large, you cant use those as reasons. How to do this: Succinctly. Have you ever stopped to really articulate that? In the example below, for example, the student wanted to communicate her core values of connection, intimacy, family, and listening. Restorative Justice: A Path to Criminal and Social Justice is also a class that piques my desire to promote rehabilitation of the incarcerated population. The two womens centers also address these two important needs, one a need for activism, the other a need for a safe space, including that for male feminists.

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X College prizes its tight focus on economics, history, and government at the expense of other programs. Or write something else altogether! What should you do write critique essay next? Two factors on the low end, however, is not ideal because it insinuates that you may not be well qualified and may end up having to transfer yet again, which is what an admission officer wants to avoid. How do you identify your core values? How did you make the best of a just-okay situation while you were waiting (or before you decided) to fill out your transfer application?

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