environment protection and conservation of the ecosystem essay

establishment of microcatchments and moon crescents to collect all possible water resources. Mountain ecosystems are the prime source of fresh and clean water and it is evident that sustainable mountain development will be one of the strongest challenges to human communities. Riverine forests are important biological formations that contribute to the conservation of river valleys and the mitigation of river bank erosion; along with the tree and grass formations on watershed slopes they guarantee clear water flows and reduce siltation. Natural vegetation has been conserved in most new human settlements. Amongst the program developed to contain the situation and further protect our environment are passing bills that directly tackles the fair trade agreement for industries that depends basically with the environment such as fishermen relies their product towards the sea, and other jobs alike. However, forests are often affected by insects and other pests. The actions needed in the complex set of natural systems that were reviewed in this document will not be possible if efforts are not devoted to a number of basic prerequisites, including: i) the improvement of the knowledge of resources involved and the assessment. Sustainable management of coastal mangrove forest development and social needs.

Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. According to fhwa, these bridges, culverts, tunnels, and barriers redirect animals over, under, or around the highway and greatly reduce the risk of vehicular collision. . We must keep in mind that while, needing to provide for the movement of goods and services and mobility of the public, the value of the ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure is vital to sustainability. .

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The Green Highways Partnership looks forward to incorporating their experience into pilot projects. KCT is currently utilizing this strategy in a number of landscapes throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida. . Conservation of the natural habitat and biological diversity. Strategies for strengthening watershed thesis wur mnh management in tropical mountain areas. Continued support to implementation should now be provided to translate the recommendations into practice. Green Infrastructure in this context is also defined as an interconnected network of natural areas and other open spaces that conserves natural ecosystem values and functions, sustains clean air and water, and provides a wide array of benefits to people and nature. This function is of tremendous importance in areas where populations with worsening economic conditions can less and less afford chemical fertilizers. In the European Alps, parts of the protection forests have been subjected to long-established management practices that have tended to maintain a correct mix of evergreen and broad-leaved species.