abraham lincoln biographical essay

or the Aesops Fables. After two years he became elected for the lower house 1834, 1836, 18won all 4 times for the first of four consecutive terms. In 1832, at the age of 23 he unsuccessfully ran for Illinois Legislature. Up to now, the memory of President Lincoln still lives in the heart and memories of his fellow countrymen, guiding every American and the whole world to create a good nation and a better world where everyone is equal regardless of our distinction. Not only his views and principles are admirable but also how he achieved his dreams and everything the he went through makes him even more worthy of our respect.

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abraham lincoln biographical essay

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Family, after moving to Illinois he start on getting closer with Mary Ann Todd his future wife the daughter of the house he boarded. Booth shot President Lincoln that causes the presidents death. And because of the eagerness he has in his heart his strong aspiration makes him entered politics. This paper aims to encourage the readers through the life, attitudes and traits of President Lincoln. To Serve the People, to become the president of the United States becomes his burning desire. Do Not Waste, your Time, sEND, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. That is why he believes that he must have a high position to the government in order for him to be a more influential leader so that he can able to achieve his goal. He saw that the war is a fight against secession and not against slavery. January 08, 2008 from?id9382540. Even without that much experience, the succeeding years of civil war had proved that Lincoln is one the most extraordinary leaders that the United States had ever seen. Abraham believes that the government should be a force of good deeds and positive purpose whose desires are to serve the people. More Essay Examples.

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