pros and cons of fracking essay

States to decrease its dependency on foreign oil. Who supplies it and how much they supply determines how much influence they have over other countries as well as the global economy. tags: Capital Punishment Crime Law Essays. There are both, pros and cons writing the perfect resume to taking a gap year prior to starting college.

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If effective environmental action is not taken today, the possible consequences from fracking will grow into a more serious problem. 1352 Words 6 Pages, in today's global economy, energy is one of the most crucial and sought after commodities. tags: procedure, fracturing, fracking, formation. This may seem contradictory that the companies that use fracking do not have to reveal the contents of their fracking chemicals but when the companies that produce household cleaning products must disclose detail contents of the chemicals they use. There is also concern about the increase in pollution to the water and air in the surrounding areas where fracking takes place. American Enterprise Institute,.d.