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We had to read and reread and compare and analyze the data with utmost care. If the color is exposed to the process of chromatography, then you can see its different components. These colors provide a creative display for children to easily get attracted to the particular treat, leaving those tinted marks on their mouths and a happy, satisfied grin on their faces. Food coloring; red, green, and blue Lab notebook. 1) Candy chromatography works by the components in the dye stick to each other and other substances.

The size, weight, and shape of the pigment also has something to do with how it moves along the filter paper and where it finally attaches. Wait about a minute for the color to come off the candy and dissolve in the water. If the material is soluble, the mixture will dissolve as the solvent front moves through. Highly accurate chromatographic methods are used for process monitoring. For researches who decided to investigate Chromatography for their research paper, it is necessary to thoroughly study the subject to be able to understand all the aspects of this serious matter. There are tons of different research proposal topics on the Web you can use: gas chromatography, candy chromatography, gel filtration, thin layer and affinity chromatography. The topic is Chromatography and the problem is how to identify the colors seed to mix in order to create the particular color associated with the candies.

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Review of Literature and Conceptual Framework. If this experiment were to be repeated again, different types of candies will be used such as Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Worms, and Starbursts. The solvent then spreads across the paper when this happens the mixtures components are carried with. The separation of components depends on both their solubility in the mobile phase and their differential affinity to the mobile phase and the stationary phase. Because molecules in ink and other mixtures have different characteristics (such as size and solubility they travel at different speeds when pulled along a piece nattar padalgal essay of paper by a solvent (in this case, water). In 1903 Mikhail Tswett discovered chromatography he produced a colorful separation of plant pigments through a column of calcium carbonate.

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