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man is a social animal and how individual and society affect each other? (1988) Sociological Theory,., cit.,. Man has many needs and necessities. The bourgeois were fundamentally individualistic and propelled western society towards the industrial revolution and toward the series of scientific, technological, economical and social successes. It should be clear that society is not limited to human beings. Like Vestdijks Pastorale 1943, this book concentrates on the tragicomic and grotesque aspects of the war. He would not survive even a day without the support of society. Individual mind without society remains undeveloped at infant stage.

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The question that remains to be asked is for which is the price worth it, to. Many of his needs and necessities will remain unfulfilled without the co-operation of his fellow beings. Margriet de Moor displays the same flexibility in her first novel, Eerst grijs dan wit dan blauw (First Grey, than White, than Blue, 1991 which takes a tragic look at human relationships. Man Is a Social Animal by Nature. The ultimate goal of society is to promote good and happy life for its individuals. It is in the society that an individual is surrounded and encompassed by culture, as a societal force. Sociologists from Cooley to the present have recognized that neither society nor the individual can exist without each other. (1992) The Social Cage Human Nature and the Evolution of Society.