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powerful oratory. A b. Davies, Athenian propertied families, 600300 BC, 457. Its definitely a journey play, and though the story Pericles tells is an old one, based on the Greek legend of Apollonius of Tyre, its topical: subjects include the Middle East, refugees, perilous sea crossings, and sex trafficking. Dressed in blue jeans and a zip-front sweater, with his hooded eyes and his slight stoop, he looked like a ruffled owl. 133 According to Platias and Koliopoulos, Athens as the strongest party did not have to beat Sparta in military terms and "chose to foil the Spartan plan for victory".

76 Thucydides insists, however, that the Athenian politician was still powerful. 90 The Athenians' justification was that the Megarians had cultivated the sacred land consecrated to Demeter and had given refuge to runaway slaves, a behavior which the Athenians considered to be impious. This project beautified and protected the city, exhibited its glory, and gave work to the people. Ehrenberg, From Solon to Socrates, a239. (The other omissions, King John and A Midsummer Nights Dream, will go up in London later this year.).

Samons, What's Wrong with Democracy?, 65 Fine, The Ancient Greeks, 37778 a.D. 38 If it was actually made, this bargain would constitute a concession on Pericles' part that he was not a great strategist. Athenian propertied families, 600300.C. The ambitious new leader of the conservatives, Thucydides (not to be confused with the historian of the same name accused Pericles of profligacy, criticizing the way he spent the money for the ongoing building plan. After Thucydides' ostracism, Pericles was re-elected yearly to the generalship, the only office he ever officially occupied, although his influence was so great as to make him the de facto ruler of the state. Acropolis (including the, parthenon ). Pericles is said to have initiated both expeditions in Egypt and Cyprus, 44 although some researchers, such as Karl Julius Beloch, argue that the dispatch of such a great fleet conforms with the spirit of Cimon's policy. King, "Athenian Democracy and Empire" (PDF). "The Question of Tribute in 449/8. For other uses, see, pericles (disambiguation) and, perikles (disambiguation).

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