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army on the long march to Jerusalem. Through his work Priests got primacy for christenings, weddings, funerals and other pastoral duties, whilst the monks were confined to the works required to maintain and grow the influence of the various monasteries throughout the land. Clearly the original Warrant must have got damaged as a replacement Warrant was issued to the Lodge on the 24th June 1763. The Verdun family held the site for many years. Sidney presented 3 very handsome Ivory Mauls to the Lodge, for which a vote of thanks was passed. 13 December 1848 We, the undersigned, have met, and have found every article in our chest correct, with the exception of the Master, Royal Arch, and Knight Templar Seals, also one of the Senior Deacons Jewels. Hill 222; John Redmond, 222; Thomas Sheils, 336. As far as I can find, this is the earliest reference to the Higher Degrees being given to Dundalk Brethren, and as they had to travel quite a way, they may well have been trying to learn the content of the degree, so that they.

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The Board recommend a Warrant to be issued to Memorialists. Now Companions, you may well be interested to learn how our Companions in Dundalk dealt with their festive boards. A second Warrant No 667 was approved in the Minutes of the Grand Lodge meeting of the 5th April 1787. Edward was finally killed at the Battle of Faughart just outside Dundalk in the year 1318, and his remains were buried on the Hill of Faughart on the Cooley Pennisula. EOE Instructor of Urban Environmental Studies Birmingham-Southern College seeks candidates with a demonstrated excellence in teaching undergraduate courses for a full-time instructor of Urban Environmental Studies (UES) position beginning February 2019 and ending May 2019 with the potential of renewal. Luke Page, Richard Peete, Edward Harrison,.

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