democrats vs republicans essay

Gunther. They strongly believe that choice is a fundamental and constitutional right. All though they have some views and policies. Republicans support the human life amendment. The Democratic platform is that if America is to secure prosperity, progress, peace, and security for all we cannot afford to go back, we must move forward together and we must not leave anyone behind.

In the United States, you get to choose the next president and its congressional party. They also believe that by minimizing government spending they would be able to balance their budget. It is much more than the difference between the Democrat donkey logo and the Republican elephant logo. The party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe. There are many differences between republicans and democrats.

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That is, Republicans believe government should spend money only to enforce contracts, maintain basic infrastructure and national security, and protect citizens against criminals (Republican National Committee GOP). The party presided over the American Civil War and. One of the supporters of Manifest Destiny. Republican National Committee GOP. Was, democrat, James Polk who served as president from 1844 to 1848. They believe it is the womens choice. The Republicans believe in restricting immigration because. The Democratic Party traces its origins back to Thomas Jeffersons Democratic- Republican Party, acquiring its current name under Andrew Jackson in 1828. Every American citizen has the right to vote. The Republicans believe in a more conservative and controlled government and are not involved with the people.

Democrats vs republicans essay
democrats vs republicans essay