stalin essay introduction

excellent physical shape as a teenager; throughout much of his life he was muscular and well built. Stalins five-year plans and collectivisation policies were not the first attempt to reorganise the soviet workforce. Consequently a Stalinist state which had a major impact on the ussr was created. The homes that were provided were poor. Even so, the Communist Party itself retained many democratic elements throughout the 1920s. He felt he could kill two birds with one stone: agriculture was to be updated on a collective and more politically acceptable basis bringing the still largely peasant population under party control.

Many political, social and economic changes occurred during this period.
Joseph Stalin was a follower of Communism.
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How far were economic problems responsible for Stalins decision to replace the New Economic.

Stalin himself to party control of the state and its functions. The emphasis was on heavy industries such as coal, oil, iron and steel and electricity. For all the apparent success of the five year plans, there were serious flaws. Joseph Stalin was the soviet communist leader who's passing molded an era, and whose iron rule determined the lives of millions of people. With the outbreak of the civil war, the Cheka had been given the power to deal with enemies of the Revolution without the inconvenience of a trial. Stalin strictly adhered to Lenin's doctrine of a strong centralist party of professional revolutionaries, he did not contribute significantly to the revolution. The second five year plan continued to emphasise heavy industries but there was also a commitment to communication systems someone who has inspired me essay such as railways and new industries such as the chemical industry.

Stalin essay introduction
stalin essay introduction

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