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to see if its one of the more than 2 million titles available in full text from ProQuest; those citations will include a ProQuest publication number. Because these book projects take much longer to complete (often will take a whole 4-5 years more many PhDs working on books request a "dissertation embargo" with their school library so that their dissertations will not be made public immediately. You can do the searching, or well do it for you. Costs exclude shipping handling fees, which are based on shipping speed, weight and distance shipped. Authors are always entitled to copies of their own dissertations and theses at special pricing for paper or microform copies. Yes *Orders are printed on demand and take approximately 2 weeks to produce prior to shipping.

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order copies of thesis

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Order once, or set up an ongoing schedule. Need more than 10 copies? Tracking Available, inside United States, standard 2-day 1-day, up to 5 days 2 days 1 day. Even with soft binding, its still manufactured for long-term use. Large orders may take longer. Format and Shipping Information, proQuest offers a range of formats and shipping options to meet your needs. Available in 6x9, features blue hard cover with a stamped title on spine. Titles ProQuest can't supply are clearly noted. UW-Madison Masters theses are not available for purchase. Dissertation Author Copies, own official reproductions of your work that replicate Library of Congress holdings.

(and in my field, unlike what some of the previous posters said, a dissertation is NOT considered "published it is considered an "unpublished dissertation manuscript" and should be cited as such.). In my field in the social sciences, scholars are divided into "article people" and "book people depending on the nature of their projects (and of course, many people work on both, but there are differences in preferences and focus). The issue that the "book people" have, is that it generally takes longer to actually turn the dissertation into published book through a contract with a proper academic or university press.