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rules rather than a stand alone decision. This methodology may appeal to those students from a social sciences background, those with a prior background in legal practice or those not working towards a 'pure' law degree. "Writing A Law Dissertation Methodology.". Vijoo Rattansi visits the School of Law. Society in 2016 is vastly different to society 50 years ago. He has accepted a traineeship with Stronachs LLP to commence in September 2016 and is set to become the first lawyer in his family. It can be used is areas for potential reform as diverse as the impact of technology on conveyancing or the introduction of no-fault compensation schemes.

Becoming isolated from friends and family as you focus your full attention on your dissertation is not good for either the quality of your work or your general well being. "Writing A Law Dissertation Methodology." LawTeacher. Now and again I would also be awoken from my sleep by an idea and would have to write it down.

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Dissertations require succinct arguments and you learn to reduce complex pieces of information into concise sentences. But having coped with a dissertation, future tasks such as researching a particular case, drafting a short skeleton argument, or reading over some papers, will be comparatively minuscule. Writing a dissertation as part of. Always allow time to socialise: a game of pool, watching a game of football with friends or geein it laldy on the karaoke will clear your head and allow you to refresh. Make the most of your supervisor. When entering the legal profession, a trainee or pupil will likely not have to draft a 15,000-word document from day one by researching a five-page list of books and journals in a completely new area of law. Challenge authority, lord Reed recently gave a talk at the University of Dundee in which he encouraged solicitors and advocates to challenge authority. Know the law, this goes without saying, but one of the major problems that students come up against is the evolutionary nature of the law. The earlier you start your research, the less likely it is youll encounter any problems. Stuart McRobbie is currently a Diploma student at the University of Dundee. As such, it focuses on the law in books rather than the law 'in action thereby overlooking the sociological and political implications. Creating a unique question encourages original analysis and is likely to be more interesting from a markers perspective.

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