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anything amiss (and savour what sounds really good!). Equally, when it comes to assessment, the people reading your assignments will feel the same about your writing! Does the rest of the paragraph develop that point with explanation and/or evidence from the reading? Draft the Essay, construct these themes into the key elements of an essay: introduce them in an introduction, detail and exemplify or contrast etc., them in the discussion (or body) divided into a number of paragraphs, and consider their value in a conclusion. (If it doesnt, your tutor may have trouble even seeing your ideas!). You could use the following checklist to satisfy yourself that the writing, at least, is good as it can. Write your reference list, make sure that all references cited (in-text) are included in your reference list and all references in your list have been cited in your essay. To be considered adequate for uni, your essay should meet the criteria below (many departments dont require a synopsis; but all require everything else). Research the topic, a well-written essay is well researched, this means you have to: Seek information from the sources indicated, and search more widely if appropriate. Most assignments in the Arts and Social Sciences want you to consider how a general idea or theory (or more than one) applies to a specific example of whatever phenomenon you are studying.

Now access the resources and add anything you have missed or that you can add to your brainstorm. So, when youre ready with a final draft, check it for these; theyre the kind of thing that can make the difference between one letter grade and the next! Proofreading Have you carefully checked spelling, etc., by spellchecker, if any, and again by eye? . No matter what field of study you are engaged in, the same basic process can be used to plan and write your essay. This process can be divided into six steps, which are described in more detail below: Analyse the topic, this is not just a matter of noticing the instruction words ( compare, evaluate, etc. though of course you must do that. If so, its a paragraph on a separate sheet, before the essay, that summarises its content.

This involves three main steps through which you organise key ideas and related themes, taking into consideration format restrictions and word limits. So you need to ask yourself: What overall questions or ideas give rise to the particular question you are writing on? Writing for arts and social science subjects is ideally clear and straightforward. Have you put a reference after everything that you learned from reading but have put in your own homeless thesis statement anna quindlen words? USE OF sources Have you put"tion marks around, and a reference after, everything that you have copied directly from your reading? Make sure you record which sources you used for which information (. Ideas evidence Does each paragraph make a clearly identifiable point? You need to show how it relates to the example(s) you or your tutor have chosen for analysis.

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