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of numbers makes an essential satire essay generator difference and those in which it does not. The theory of imperfect or monopolistic competition developed by Chamberlin and Robinson is an attempt to construct such a more general theory. This is the source of the misconception that Marshall assumed perfect competition in some descriptive sense. "An Essay on the Foundations of Friedman's Methodology American Economic Review, 73(1. The importance of its subject matter to everyday life and to major issues of public policy impedes objectivity and promotes confusion between scientific analysis and normative judgment. In this field we do not even have a theory that can appropriately be called the existing theory of monetary dynamics. Such a theory cannot be tested by comparing its assumptions directly with reality.

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Despite the appearance of considerable controversy, this is true equally of existing static monetary theory, which is designed to explain the structural or secular level of absolute prices, aggregate output, and other variables for the economy as a whole, and which has had a form. To perform this function, the more general theory must have content and substance; it must have implications susceptible to empirical contradiction and of substantive interest and importance. But this, too, is logically meaningless so long as differentiation of product is, as claimed, essential and not to be put aside. Conclusion, economics as a positive science is a body of tentatively accepted generalisations about economic phenomena that can be used to predict the consequences of changes in circumstances. The theory of monopolistic competition offers no tools for the analysis of an industry and so no stopping place between the firm at one extreme and general equilibrium at the other. On the other hand, the hypothesis that cigarette firms would behave as if they were perfectly competitive would have been a false guide to their reactions to price control in World War II, and this would doubtless have been recognised before the event.

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