a farmer essay in marathi

every Indian. Nor were lakhs and crores spent. You have to voluntarily lend your leadership to this great campaign, this Maha Abhiyan, to create a cashless society, to eradicate corruption from our country, to abolish the scourge of black money and to help people in overcoming their difficulties and problems. If we look at it in its collectiveness, in an organised manner, it comes essay on liberation war across as a major force.

In the last week or so, results have been pouring in from all over the country. Because many of the efforts that I am promoting inside the United States to make sure that the young people get the best education possible, to make sure that the ordinary people are properly compensated for their labour, and paid fair wages, and have job.

Today is the holy day of Ram Navami. Whether it is our armed forces, or the BSF, itbp, crpf and cisf, each one of them, apart from their duties has made Yoga a part of their lives. Can you imagine that there is a department under Government named Ayush. People are still expressing their happiness about GST, and are also eager to know more about. We are trying our best to raise the level of the business practices in India to match the best practices in the world on equal footing.

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a farmer essay in marathi

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