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they are ambushed on the way, Bhairavdas is killed and Chandu wounded in the throat and sold into slavery. The City of Love: Chapter. This is a tale of four intertwined lives set in sixteenth century Bengal between 15F. All original material published is copyright of the publishers. Materiality AND cultural life IN early modern europe. His father Bhairavdas is determined to turn him into a powerful Tantric warrior against the foreign polluters of his land, but Chandu has other ideas. Contributors need to send a virus-free soft copy (preferably in editable MS Word or Rich Text Format) of their articles by email. He forms a secret attachment with Bajja, a tribal girl eight years older than him, who becomes his secret role model and ideal. It is expected however that a concern about or awareness of the significance of material cultures will be demonstrated in the contribution. Bitterly disappointed, she vows to find enlightenment or die by fasting at the cremation ground.

Published twice a year, the journal showcases research on literatures in English or available in English translation, cultural studies, literary theory, performance studies, literary history, history of the book, and language.
Abstract: This was the Introduction I wrote to the 27th issue.
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It was a science-fiction themed issue and came out in 2013.
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March 24, 2014, Vivekananda Hall, Jadavpur University main campus, Calcutta, India. More, this is a tale write thesis statement domestic violence of four intertwined lives set in sixteenth century Bengal between 15Fernando Almenara is a Castilian trader captured in the abortive first siege of Malaka, rescued by Daud Suleiman ibn Shams al Basri, a sharp young Arab physician and pirate based. Then she too quarrels finally with Dhumavati, gives up the life of a guru and disappears to seek her own truth. Bajja is being taught the Sahajiya Buddhist Tantra by Dhumavati, while Fernando has training in the Christian Cabala, and together he and Bajja teach each other about love and the lore. Published once a year, the journal is broadly concerned with scholarship and research in literatures in English, and their relation to other literatures, literary theory, literary history, and language. 30, 2016 full name / name of organization: Department of English, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700032, India. Daud, who is travelling with a wandering Sufi, rescues and heals him. We welcome contributions touching on any aspect of this broad theme. Morris was part of the series 'Luminous Celluloid: Shared Reflections of the Cinematic Legacy organized by the Department of Film Studies, Jadavpur University, to mark the centenary of Indian cinema. Materiality AND cultural life IN early modern europe: Jadavpur University Essays and Studies (jues Vol. The editors may, however, invite and publish any material deemed appropriate. This lecture by Prof.