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industrial transport, agricultural, and industrial systems on the low cost and high availability of oil. "Some behavioral aspects of energy descent." Frontiers in Psychology, 5(1255). "The Hidden Agenda Behind Saudi Arabia's Market Share Strategy". Besides the possibility that these nations have overstated their reserves for political reasons (during periods of no substantial discoveries over 70 nations also follow a practice of not reducing their reserves to account for yearly production. Benner, Katie (7 December 2005). However, a number of industry leaders and analysts believe that world oil production will peak between 20, with a significant chance that the peak will occur before 2020. In 2005, the United States Department of Energy published a report titled Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation, Risk Management. Retrieved "World Energy Outlook 2015 Facsheet" (PDF). "Long-Term World Oil Supply Scenarios: The Future Is Neither as Bleak or Rosy as Some Assert".

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"Highlighting Heavy Oil" (PDF). 74 These areas are largely clustered around large metropolitan areas, with the largest contiguous non-attainment zones in California and the Northeast. In fact the whole hypothesis of peak oil which is that there is a certain amount of oil in the ground, consumed at a certain rate, and then it's finished does not react to anything. Social Science Research Network. 57 58 According to CUE and System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research (safer burning of agricultural waste essay on oprah winfrey is a leader in nearby Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh regions results in severe intensification of smog over Delhi.

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