problem of electricity in pakistan essay

of consuming energy such as keeping markets fullylit etc. Pakistanis who do not have access to the grid are often poorer than those on the grid. Although only 46 percent of the population of the country has the facility of electricity but still the government is unable to manage a steady power to them. Doing so in the long run may be possible, but in the immediate term, consumers must begin using more energy-efficient products in order to mitigate the issue, reveals the report "Energy Conservation: Avoid Wastages, Prevent Shortages" by Research and Advocacy for the Advancement of Allied. About Raftaar, raftaar is an economic reform platform whose knowledge partners include a coalition with the cdrp (Consortium for Development Policy Research which is itself a consortium of Pakistans top economists and economic think tanks (including essay on the bicycle thief the International Growth Centre, Institute of Development and Economic.

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problem of electricity in pakistan essay

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The major users of electricity need to beeducated and motivated to play their role in energy conservation. Short Term MeasuresThe following short term measures can be taken immediately in order toreduce the intensity of existing power crisis: computer technology essay writing With power needed immediately, wind turbines look good because they arerelatively fast to install whereas dams and nuclear power plants take five tosix years. The Raftaar report says the greatest responsibility and opportunity lies with the province to improve energy efficiency and conservation in agriculture, as well as in households and businesses. The Industrial sector is consuming thelargest amount of energy in the country. Successfully reported this slideshow. Rehabilitation and replacement of the outdatedtransmission and distribution systems is also a long term measure throughwhich the country can overcome the perennial problem of line losses andthefts by unscrupulous consumers.

All of the above mentioned measures ifimplemented with commitment and honesty of purpose can help our countryand people to over come negative implications of power crisis.6. In the long-term, Pakistan should also build morenuclear plants and dams. According to thestatistics published on Jul 2 2004 in Energy Bulletin the gap between firmsupply and peak hours demand has shrunk to three digit (440 MW) during thisyear(2004) and will slip into negative columns next year (-441 MW) andfurther intensify to (-1,457 MW) during the. Another short termfactor was that transmission towers and natural gas supply infrastructurehave been blown up by the terrorists particularly in Baluchistan from wheremost of the gas is supplied to the power plants. The existing crisis can beaddressed by the government by taking prompt measures and by public bytaking energy conservation measures. The electricity shortfall has hit therecord level of 7,075 MW in July owing to the forced shutdown of many unitsof power generation plants following the severe fuel scarcity. The electricity production from coal is also cheaper thanthermal generation.