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essay by cornelius van til evolution counterparty's likelihood of default increases with the market value of the exposure. Moreover, compared to a non-adaptive agent whose reference point does not change with the stock's gain and loss, both the adaptive and naive agents sell the stock less frequently, and the naive agent requires the same risk premium as the non-adaptive agent does. UK income inequality has been declining in recent years (Gini for final income.34). 2015 Theses Doctoral, this dissertation consists of two parts. There are some powerful forces (such as globalisation) driving income and wealth inequality in many societies, to what extent can fiscal policy alone reverse these factors? Measuring CVA requires combining models of market and credit risk. From 45 to 50 - designed to make the tax system more progressive. Risk of lower total tax revenues (tax rates beyond the optimal point in a Laffer Curve diagram).

Supply-side policies to improve occupational mobility of labour / address skills gaps which keep people out of work. Our method addresses an important source of model risk in counterparty risk measurement. Measured by, palma Ratio : Income of top 10 divided by income of bottom. Gini coefficient : Coefficient ranges from zero to one (perfect inequality).

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Finish off the essay with a final reasoned comment.g. Lower revenue affects ability of government to provide public and merit goods (3) Introduce a progressive consumption tax.g. In the second part, we study investors' trading behavior in a model of realization utility. More precisely, we consider a dynamic trading problem in which an investor decides when to purchase and sell a stock to maximize her wealth utility and realization utility with her reference points adapting to the stock's essays of reluctant crusaders gain and loss asymmetrically. Suggestion for wider Much higher in countries such as South Africa, China, USA. Address the chronic shortage of and high price of housing which impedes geographical mobility of labour. Analyse first and then evaluate! Government could also increase the level at which people start to pay national insurance contributions. Evaluation: Higher top rate taxes might lead to increased tax avoidance, tax evasion, a possible brain drain of highly skilled people. Higher rates of VAT on luxury products / lower VAT on essential items (e.g.

Show contextual awareness, low income inequality in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Slovenia (all have Gini of less than.3 and a Palma Ratio of less than 1). Introduce some alternatives into the discussion: A higher national minimum wage / widespread adoption of a more generous living wage. VAT is already zero on much household spending.

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