life span development and personality essay

this stage the childâs emotional development is about personal identity and developing their own character. Piaget separated development in four stages: sensor show more content, erikson called his hypothesis criteria crisis stages, Freud called his psychosexual stages. The child becomes highly possessive of his opposite sex parent and loves them to a high intensity, this means they want them all to their self and may not understand that their love for them may be inappropriate. The conflict during this stage is toilet training, because an infant has to learn to control their own bodily needs. Cognitive development occurs in this stage when the child is able to take in their surroundings, they learn to recognise faces and voices and also some vocabulary is learned such as âmum, dadâ. Extending of the bone game her a leaner body frame, this occurred because when she left work she became active doing physical activity such as jogging, talking the dog out and yoga. During childhood social development takes place when the child learns to socialise with different group settings and is able to establish a friendship and bond with other children. The fourth lifespan stage is adulthood (18-65 years).

A sense of trust allows the baby to accept new experiences; the fear of the unknown is recognised as being a part of life (gross 1993). I will also connect these stages to the strands of development which are physical, emotional, cognitive, social and cultural. Some older adults become depressed due to being inactive or may feel isolated due to the loss of a partner. The mouth and breast are at the centre of all experience, together with attachment throughout this stage. If the individual is unsuccessful in finding a companion then isolation may occur.

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Culture may be a big part of this stage and many individuals value cultural development and passing the norms, values and roles onto their children from which they have learned from their caregiver. During this stage individuals move onto a wider society of education such as college or university, the individuals cognitive develops immensely as they gather the academic qualifications for employment. 1644 Words 7 Pages, lifespan development is essential, as it is the changes that happen to us throughout a persons lifespan. Another stage during infancy is the âAnal Stageâ. The Latent stage means sexual instincts and drives are suppressed and the child learns to focus on school work and interests/hobbies. The lifespan development begins in infancy (0-2 years). During the Phallic stage the child recognises sexual desires and they have a desire towards the opposite sex parent. Erikson believed that throughout each stage of life we are set new life tasks of which we need to overcome.

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