what is a reflection statement in an essay

relief from their suffering. All you birds of the air, bless the Lord; praise and exalt him above all forever. "The goods of the earth, which in the divine plan should be a common patrimony Pope John Paul II has reminded us, "often risk becoming the monopoly of a few who often spoil it and, sometimes, destroy it, thereby creating a loss for all humanity". A few went on accumulating land, many were dispossessed, and the land itself became exhausted. People share the earth with other creatures. How may we apply our social teaching, with its emphasis on the life and dignity of the human person, to the challenge of protecting the earth, our common home?

Grateful for the gift of creation and contrite in the face of the deteriorating condition of the natural world, we invite Catholics and men and women of good will in every walk of life to consider with us the moral issues raised by the environmental. "The lord'S are the earth and its fullness; the world and those who dwell in it" (Ps 24:1). Aims of This Statement, with these pastoral reflections, we hope to add a distinctive and constructive voice to the ecological dialogue already under way in our nation and in our Church.

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In speaking out at this time, we have six goals: to highlight the ethical dimensions of the environmental crisis; to link questions of ecology and poverty, environment and development; to stand with working men and women and poor and disadvantaged persons, whose lives are often. "The ecological crisis Pope John Paul II has written, "reveals the urgent moral need for a new solidarity, especially in relations between the developing nations and those that are highly industrialized" (EC,. Our mistreatment of the natural world diminishes our own dignity and sacredness, not only because we are destroying resources that future generations of humans need, but because we are engaging in actions that contradict what it means to be human. He taught about salvation, however, with a countryman's knowledge of the land. Draw from your answers from the previous step. As citizens, each of us needs to participate in this debate over how our nation best protects our ecological heritage, limits pollution, allocates environmental costs, and plans for the future. We remind parents that they are the first and principal teachers of children.

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what is a reflection statement in an essay

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