essay for great wall of china

marvelous edifice, especially since it was constructed a long time ago without any help of modern machines. They thought demons only traveled in straight lines and therefore couldnt cross crocked lines; so the wall was built with several curves what is your favorite animal essay and turns. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, towards the west, he had the fortifications extended in the valley of the Huanghe all the way to Lanzhou. The enemies of the Ming also had more trouble, then in the past, attacking and breaking through the regular part of the wall.

China at that time enjoyed such great military power that the need for a defense policy was no longer felt. Sometimes people take the stones from the Great Wall and use it for their building.

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They were normally stationed permanently to guard the wall; this meant they needed homes nearby. It is also the only man-made structure that can be seen by the naked eye from outer space. After the downfall of the Han dynasty (220.D. It is now one of Chinas main tourist attractions and brings in millions of dollars a year of revenue. In the eastern end, it lead into the sea.

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essay for great wall of china

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