fau honors college thesis

Jennifer Farrah. Many are the first in their family's history to attend college. Criteria: senior standing, extraordinary community service, demonstrated leadership. Areas of emphasis include but are not limited to: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and professional writing. Wairimu Njambi The Notion of Gendered Power Through Representation in Democratic Latin America NX00.5.M689 2005 Myers, Gretchen. Kevin Lanning The Importance of Individual Characteristics in Determining Liking for Art NX00.5.S482 2008 Segovia, Linda. Reclaiming Femininity and Sexual Pleasure within Pornography NX00.5.W555 2007 Williams, Nikaya. Growth: The Economic Effects of the Military-Industrial Complex and Defense Expenditure NX00.5.T83 2004 Upshaw, Christin. American Studies, the American Studies Concentration is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary background in American society and culture.

Living ON campus: The Wilkes. Honors College is a residential college. All incoming freshmen live on campus their first two years.

Keith Jakee Deconstructing the Politics of Culture Jamming: True Cost Economics NX00.5.S454 2008 Selby, Megan. NX00.5.A455 2005, althouse, Amanda,. Stephanie Fitchett Factorability in the Ring. The Importance of Original Intent in Interpreting the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment. Laura Barrett Man and Nature: Reading Steinbeck through a Transcendental Lens NX00.5.K652 2003 Kopp, Holly. Mark Tunick The Return of Postcommunist Parties in Post-communist Poland NX00.5.S74 2003 Stetson, Natalie Clair. Pursue what inspires and challenges you the most. Stephanie Fitchett Fractal Dimension: An Analysis of Different Definitions NX00.5.S358 2003 Sandford, Shane. Nicholas Quintyne The Effectiveness of Dichloroacetate as an Anti-Cancer Agent NX00.5.W375 2008 Wassung, Jessica. Michael Harrawood From Surrealism to Socialism: Georges Bataille's Theory of Attraction and Repulsion NX00.5.O78 2006 Owens, Laura. Laura Vernon Finding the Silver Lining: A Longitudinal Examination of the Effects of Reappraisal Use on Mental and Physical Health NX00.5.K528 2008 Klein, Elissa.