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forest survey, demarcation and mapping, inventory, biodiversity conservation, protected area management, protection against poaching, encroachment and fire, and other related issues. These include the development of infrastructure such as buildings, communications, etc. Deforestation should be controlled. Forest Clearance for Agricultural Habitation Purposes : For the development of villages, towns the death penalty essays and cities, forestlands have been cleared and this process continues to this day causing loss of forest cover. Forests also are important ecosystems in the balance of nature, providing a multitude of resources and services essential to all people. Here are some of the methods that the government and individuals should employ for conservation of nature: Over utilization of natural resources must be stopped.

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Forest Survey of India, Dehradun. This would increase the forest cover as well help in making up the eco-balance. Natural resources have been categorized based on their characteristics. Floods, population problems and other environmental hazards have been increasing. (ix) Change in food habits (x) High rate of poverty in the third world countries. Indias forest area is hardly 23 per cent and is short by nearly 10 percent of the world average. Indias non-commercial energy resources include fuel wood, agricultural residues, and animal dung. Trees have great economic value too. Survival on Earth would not be possible without any of these. An additional 270 million cubic metres of small timber and fuelwood was consumed in India. (i) Pass acts for the conservation of forests, (ii) Survey of the forest resources, (iii) Categorization of forest areas and proper delimitation of reserved forest areas, (iv) Find out the areas where reforestation can be done, (v) Regulate the commercial use of forest products, (vi).

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