million words essay

many times that it the tape stopped working. Parents get to tell us a little bit about their scholars. It might be an even more valuable tool at that level." "Worthwhile" doesn't begin to describe this activity, Trisha Fogarty told Education World. I also explain that some parents might write pages and some might just write 'He is a good kid. Keep a spark file of these half baked ideas. "It demonstrated to them that I cared about knowing who their children were. A simple activity offers a powerful tool for learning about your students and connecting with their parents. "I might give the same assignment to parents - have them write a bio poem about their child then have parent and child compare their poems. A Million Words conversation on, middle Web. "I tell them not to worry about spelling and punctuation, since this is a draft.

An extra effort - perhaps a phone call - might get the response you desire or, at the very least, provide an opportunity for those parents to share some valuable information about their children. My best ideas for writing have come from my time in the water and time on a yoga mat.

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The "Million Word Essay" is an assignment for the parents to write an essay about their child in less then a million words. Such a tragic time and such a wonderful one. You get the idea. And you can always go back and give something a structure after its been written. To read additional teachers' comments, check out the. I feel as if I learned more in a day than essay analyzing poetry I could in a year." "The stories were priceless.