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in red indicate an absence of the field. 5 The exact amount varies between provinces. Here we discuss two areas of information which issue from the user stories: company information (including beneficial ownership data and additional contextual information.

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As an Economic geographer I need/want/expect to use data to map international economic activity in order to provide picture of global economic activity, for qualitative analysis so that I can better understand the relationship between "real" and paper (legal-abstract) global economy. With most major multinationals now actually facing the obligation to comply with the oecd requirement, the argument about transparency has turned. But under no circumstances are those tax authorities allowed to make the information more widely accessible. Does the company face risk of consumer or other boycotts because of the nature of its supply chains or spread of its activities? A wealth tax taxes the accumulated stock of purchasing power, in contrast to income tax, which is a tax on the flow of assets (a change in stock). What are the addresses of subsidiaries of a given corporate group? For now, this report focuses on what a global public database could look like; what public sources of information already exist and which may be important to prioritise in addition; how far towards ideal cbcr it is possible to reach using existing sources; and what. How does multinational tax avoidance in our country compare to others? Any person can attend our congresses and, as a matter of fact, many of the persons that are active at our congresses do not have the rank of professor and are not a member. 35 Further, these opponents may say wealth taxes place the authority of the government ahead of the rights of the individual, and ultimately undermine the concept of personal sovereignty. For this, further company information would be required, including who really owns and controls a given legal entity, and how, which would reveal the structure of corporate groups by providing so-called "beneficial ownership" data, as well as other kinds of information about its operations. If so, do they pay tax?

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