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Letters are the first known diplomatic system. Westbrook tell us the importance of studying the Amarna Letters. EA15 and EA16 ; From Ashuruballit, King of Assyria. The ruins at Amarna, once known as Akhetaten, had attracted a number of scholarly travellers and adventurers over the years, and many of them were willing to pay a tidy sum for artefacts from the site. In 1992 CE, William Moran translated the 350 letters into English for the first time. Babylonian diplomacy in the Amarna Letters. What was a cache of cuneiform tablets doing in the middle of Akhenatens capital?

They are perhaps the earliest examples of international diplomacy while their most common subjects are negotiations of diplomatic marriage, friendship statements and. This is the long-awaited 5th volume in the Amarna Letters series from the publisher of Kmt, A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt. It contains 14 essays by 10 authors on ancient Egypt covering the period. Title Amarna Letters 5: Essays on Ancient Egypt. Amarna Letters has 4 ratings and 1 review.

Lisa said: A nice little collection of essays covering a broad range of subjects related to Egypt 's Amarna Per.
Collection of essays by Egyptologists on the Amarna period (c.
Contents of the first volume are.
1.0 out of 5 starsRip-off, nothing to do with the Amarna Letters.
This book is a total rip-off.

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Many of the vassals letters opened with variations on an obsequious formula: Say to the king, my lord: Message of Akizzi, your servant. Amarna had yet to be fully excavated at this point. Photo credit: Paris Franz. The tablets cover the reigns of the rulers. Wallis Budge of the British Museum was in Egypt and recognised the script as cuneiform and the language as Akkadian, the language of international diplomacy in the second millennium BCE. Others, as Byblos and Damascus, were truly loyal to Egypt, but were everely repressed by the traitors. would you like to see more articles like this? The second group are from Egypt's vassal states, and largely consist of begging letters, requests for help (usually money and troops and complaints regarding the petty disputes between Egypt's vassal states in Syria and Palestine. Akhenaten's city, Akhetaten (Amarna). The rest of the letter was less stereotypical, making requests or listing the items being sent.

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