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in the wild varies between 1,500 and 3,000. Laws agianst poaching need to be stricter and better enforces. Tinkering with Nature: the Process of De-extinction 1756 words - 8 pages the Giant Pandas, which is currently endangered. Giant pandas are generally referred to as bears and are typically called panda bears Small Bear or Large Raccoon? In captivity, females vocalize during estrus as well. Worse still, that number increase to 18000 times less space for lions and tigers and one million times for captive polar bears. In the first ever mass survey that took place in 1974, the researchers estimated that there were around 1,000 -1,100 giant pandas in the wild. Study Of Giant Panda Digestion And Survival 2076 words - 8 pages in Giant Panda Feeding Behavior: Relationships to Bamboo Plant Part Consumption, The goal of this study was to show a quantitative analysis of bamboo plant part selection using captive giant pandas during different.

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The fact remains, however, that this universally loved national symbol of China is facing the threat of extinction. First, the natural food source of these bears is not sufficiently high in calories and protein to allow them to put on sufficient fat resources to last a lengthy period of hibernation. Small, isolated populations also face a greater risk of inbreeding, which can lead to reduced resistance to disease, less adaptability to environmental changes and reproductive problems. In the 2nd ever survey, done in 1988 around 1,000 animals were thought to exist. Intriguing Giant Panda Mysteries, while most adore their fluffy fur and round heads, which help give them their cuddly bear quality, others are fascinated by the many mysteries of the giant panda. From their furry black and white body to their shy and docile nature, they are considered one of the most loved animals. Most scientists classify giant pandas as bears. Because they rely on bamboo as their main food they will remain in danger unless their habitat is expanded. Adult giant pandas range in body length from about 160 to 190 centimeters (64 to 76 inches). A French missionary first introduced the Panda to the Western world in 1869 when he sent a pelt to a Museum on Natural History in Paris France. A habitat is the natural environment for an organism (Dictionary).