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Professor, taught courses for undergraduates, advanced graduate students across the disciplines, English Education graduate students, and graduate student instructors across the College. Awards: List any awards or scholarships with dates. Steve Joy is careers adviser for research staff in the arts, humanities, and social sciences at the University of Cambridge follow him on Twitter @EarlyCareerBlog. 10) Overusing bold and italics, overuse bold or italics on your CV and nothing stands out; avoid the use of bold or italics and, likewise, nothing stands out. If you're applying for a teaching role at a less research-intensive university, then do I really want to wade through seven or eight pages of information about your research experience before I get to a meagre section on your teaching? First, it looks professional. 1) Not scannable, be realistic: your CV will almost certainly not be read in detail, line by line, word by word, until you have made it at least on to a longlist and very probably not until you have made it all the way. I argue for including the dissertation explicitly as a publication item, preferably in a separate section "Theses or "Theses, technical reports and pre-prints" (including other theses, such as master thesis, if publicly available). Conference Papers and Presentations example in MLA: Maxine Madsen, The Ownership of Authenticity, San Diego College of the Fine Arts Conference on Copyright, July 2010. The answer is that it is very important.

whereas the latter has a terrible whiff of disinclination Yeah, whatever. But if I had to sum up my advice in just one line, it would be this: don't go on about the achievements you're most proud of; prioritise the ones that are most relevant to your intended employer. What happens if your CV gets unintentionally jumbled up with the CVs of 11 other applicants? International Journal of Comic Art, 12 (1 5067. CV writing is not about what's logical or preferable to you; it's about anticipating your selectors' needs and trying to make their lives as easy as possible. University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment, External Advisory Committee for Strategic Assessment, 200507. Undergraduate Distinguished Teaching Award. In History, Large State University. For example, write: Manage.