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indeed gender itself." This would seem to be consistent with the rational choice model. Have an internal gender identity not dependent on socialization but rather something they become aware of spontaneously and. If they choose to transition, they transition young (Blanchard 1985, Bailey 2003) avoiding much of the masculinizing effects of long term exposure to testosterone, and only do so if they believe they can 'pull it teaching on writing ap literary essay off' and be convincing as females socially (Bailey 2003). A "sexual orientation" of this sort is clearly very different from that of homosexual transsexuals who are directly aroused by the sight and feel of male bodies (Blanchard 1989a) apart from how men relate to them, so their sexual interest has nothing to do with. Even if they claim a preference for a female gender role as opposed to a female body, without an external reason for that preference it is still an irrational personal desire that must have other motivations (the most obvious being "behavioral" autogynephila where a transsexual. Another aspect of this type of internal gender dysphoria which points to autogynephilia as the cause is the way these transsexuals become aware. If any heterosexual man needed a surgery to correct a sexual dysfunction and allow him to have satisfactory intercourse, it would be hard to imagine that being seen as an illegitimate reason for genital surgery. On top of that, keeping GID in the DSM marks all transgender people as mentally disordered, no matter how well they are functioning, no matter how sensible they are about dealing with the challenges of being transgender.

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There is also however, the possibility that these non-homosexual transsexuals who deny sexual aspects to their gender issues are not being intentionally deceptive at all, but are rather honestly unable to recognize their desire to possess a female body and female role as a sexual. Transsexuals who are self identified as bisexuals on the other hand have a greater interest in autogynephilic "interpersonal fantasy" then 'lesbian asexual, or homosexual transsexuals, (Blanchard 2000) so their "bisexuality" is not necessarily from true attraction to men but from the desire for a man. By Alex Parkinson "One expert told me bluntly: 'Gender identity is defined as "the inner sense of oneself as male or female.' What the hell does that mean?" (Bailey, 2003,p. Sexuality does not merely involve having sex or having orgasms, autogynephilia even more so because it is self-reflective. Homosexual males are in most cases somewhat too markedly feminine whether adults (Bailey et al 1997) or children (Green 1979, 1985) so there is a clear correlation between the two whereas only a tiny minority of homosexual males self identify as female. Bailey continues that (2003 p 181. In the pregnancy context, as in the GID context, it is helpful to think about what we want from the law and discrete benefits systems and advocate from that standpoint centering the most vulnerable in our communities rather than looking to those systems to reflect. To see this, one has to look at the experience these transsexuals are actually describing, rather then the way they intellectualize their experience. Autogynephilia and 'internal gender identity The concept of "internal gender identity" is a sort of intellectual slight of hand which might make a certain sense superficially but falls apart when the concept is explored at all, let alone examined skeptically. Homosexual transsexuals are not as as occasionally suggested ego-dystonic homosexuals trying to resolve some kind of guilt over their same sex attraction (McHugh 2004 they tend to be very happy and comfortable with their sexual orientation and usually live for a short period of time.

Do you agree or disagree with her argument, and why? Concepts of sex, gender. Essay about Gender Dysphoria Caused by Gender Identity.

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