introducing yourself in spanish essay

Started, lets look at the very basics of how youll go about letting the Spanish speaking world know just who you are. You also might use "buenos das" (boo-AY-nohs DEE-ahs) if you're speaking to the person during the day. Soy un/una, im a/an, tienes hermanos/hijos? Cuál es tu trabajo? Mexico City and the ruins of, teotihuacan. Theres that verb again!

Its like saying. Method 2 Making Small Talk 1, tell the person where you're from. In Spanish you have more options than just hola to choose from as well: Buenos das, good morning, buenas tardes. After you've said "hello ask the person how they're doing or how their day has been. 4, for example: "Hola! Yo me llamo, the logical next step, after saying hello to someone would be to tell them your name!.You cant very well carry on a conversation with someone if you dont know who they are or let them know who you are.

Reading is great but nothing beats speaking when youre learning a use of summer vacation for personality development essay language! I want to study Spanish and I want to help you do the same! If youre a fan of brevity, this introduction is for you! Me gusta vivir en Puerto Vallarta. Cmo estás?" 5, tell the person you're pleased to meet them. Al volver a los Estados Unidos, voy a seguir con mis estudios. If you want a briefer, more casual introduction, you can use the word "soy which means "I." For example, you might say "hola, soy Maria" Hello, I'm Maria. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Weve been working and studying Spanish here, and we plan to travel to Colombia and other parts of South America starting in September. Soy de Chicago, pero ahora vivo en una ciudad de Espaa que se llama Zamora. Its not only this, but also I love the culture and the people are lovely.