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Innovations w22987, michael. . Newhouse Pricing and Reimbursement.S. Lichtenberg Donald Siegel The Impact of R D Investment On Productivity - New Evidence Using Linked R D-LRD Data 1988 t0072 Bronwyn. . Ayhan Kose Eswar. . Lanier Benkard Przemyslaw Jeziorski Gabriel. . Barro Xavier Sala-i-Martin Quality Improvements in Models of Growth 1993 w4591. . Panel Data Evidence for oecd Countries w16443 Ufuk Akcigit William. . Ishaq Nadiri Robin. . Hall Dietmar Harhoff Harmonizing and Combining Large Datasets - An Application to Firm-Level Patent and Accounting Data w15831 William. .

2016: w23005 : Suresh De Mel David McKenzie Christopher Woodruff: Labor Drops: Experimental Evidence on the Return to Additional Labor in Microenterprises. This Handbook provides researchers, managers, policymakers and students with a single source book containing the latest research on freelancing and solo self-employment by leading scholars in the field across business studies, law and economics. Back Issues (4.99 each). To order, go to order page.

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Graff Zivin Jialan Wang Superstar Extinction w14592 Ajay Agrawal Devesh Kapur John McHale Brain Drain or Brain Bank? Using Disasters as Natural Experiments w19458 Steven. . Heckman Bas Jacobs Policies to Create and Destroy Human Capital in Europe w15786 Liran Einav Jonathan. . Wilcox Alternative Strategies for Aggregating Prices in the CPI w5982 Jerry Hausman Cellular Telephone, New Products and the CPI w5929 Shane. . Evidence from cancer clinical trials w19395 William Mullins Antoinette Schoar How do CEOs see their Role? Tybout Openness and Industrial Responses in a Wal-Mart World: A Case Study of Mexican Soaps, Detergents and Surfactant Producers w12459 James. . W17041 Erik Hurst Benjamin Wild Pugsley What Do Small Businesses Do? Toffel Public Procurement and the Private Supply of Green Buildings w18392 Michael Greenstone John. . Christina Wang Susanto Basu Risk Bearing, Implicit Financial Services and Specialization in the Financial Industry w14616. .