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: Date: PET Practice Test Answer sheet PET sample 12 13 Name: lass: Date: PET Practice Test Answer sheet PET sample sample 13 14 Name: lass: Date: PET Practice Test Answer sheet PET sample. "Cashews may be substituted for walnuts" or "Use tofu instead of chicken to make the dish vegetarian. 2 3 Questions 6 10 Part 2 The people below are all looking for something to do in the summer. Note: Be sure to proofread the menu cards to be sure no one leaves with hurt feelings (for example, a dash of cousin Chriss dorky jokes! Will think you re an interesting person. The students glued their ingredients, the directions for the recipe, and their picture on their construction paper. I love the variety of my work. Teacher Resources by Grade. Fatima s quite sporty and would enjoy a short holiday. It is also home to many Aboriginal Heritage Sites.

A writer you haven t read before. Hoose activities from rock climbing and paragliding to horse riding and cycling. During your tour, you ll come across rivers, mountain ranges, spectacular waterfalls, wildlife and long wild beaches.

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Just come up with a title that sounds appetizing and appealing, with a personal twist if you're so inclined. The weekends take place at Upton Manor which is in the middle of the countryside. 6 7 Questions Part 4 Read the text and questions below. Did this summary help you? Questions 1 5 Look at the text in each question. I work twelve hours a day and have two days off per cruise for sightseeing, but that s enough for. Hot meals are temporarily available in the café. (This was also a great way to fractions that we are learning in math!) Next, the students wrote the step-by-step directions for a great friendship. Bake until the top is brown and crisp. I then decided to give up my job in the gym and go on a trip around Australia.

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