persuasive essay patterns

and previous stu. 14 For example, you could start an essay on the necessity of pursuing alternative energy sources like this: Imagine a world without polar bears. Remember, readers may be strongly against your beliefs but they might just be considerate enough after reading your arguments. Organization: Every transition from one idea to the next is executed smoothly. We need to ask ourselves, however, if we're willing to challenge the status quo to get those results. Always have statistics from a reliable scientific source to make your argument solid. You want the first sentence to grab someone immediately and get them to keep reading. Most persuasive writing addresses contemporary issues. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

For example, a thesis statement could look like this: Although pre-prepared and highly processed foods are cheap, they arent good for students. Working with a physical copy forces you to pay attention in a new way. Example: "Let us not forget the words etched on our grandest national monument, the Statue of Liberty, which asks that we "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Creating a concession will put you in a right place from an ethical perspective. Buying food from local markets is hugely beneficial in improving the economy of small towns and villages, and the country as a whole. Creating an argument with persuasive style of writing. Question How many paragraphs do I need? Heres also where you look for counterarguments that could refute your point. Allowing snacks in the classroom will actually increase students ability to focus by taking away the distraction of hunger. Targeted Audience The targeted audiences for persuasive essay examples are the students of high school and colleges who want to participate in an argumentative and persuasive essay competition. The art of persuasion has been studied since ancient Greece. These facts always have to be backed up by sources to make them credible.