pinocchio essay summary

made a toy puppet, Pinocchio, and wishes that the puppet was a real boy. The fairy came to the puppets rescue a good amount of the time in the book as Jiminy did in the movie. Pinocchio tries to return home to Geppetto. Tim Pickett Toymaker Gepetto creates a wooden puppet toy named Pinocchio and wishes on a star that he would be a real boy. He gets tricked by a fox and a cat into thinking he can bury his five gold pieces in the ground and thousands more will grow. Meanwhile, Jiminy is validated for his efforts toothe Blue Fairy gives him a shiny gold badge that reads "Official Conscience." Not too bad for a couple days of work, huh? Pinocchio, alone and full of good intentions, heads off to school, but is sidetracked by the wily fox John Worthington Foulfellow and his simpleton accomplice Gideon the cat.

Pinocchio essay summary
pinocchio essay summary

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(She also restores his nose to its original size.). Geppetto has just made a little wooden puppet called Pinocchio, whom he loves dearly Little Wooden Puppet. Pinocchio is one of the many classic stories Disney reinvented for children of all ages to watch. But there's a catch to all this; since they are acting like jackasses, the magic of the island gradually turns them into donkeys, which the coachman sells into a lifetime of humiliation and slavery in circuses and mines. It all starts with Geppetto, an insane Italian who believes that his puppet becomes sentient. Some of the only violence in the movie occurs when Pinocchio ends up at Pleasure Island.

The Blue Fairy sends him a letter explaining that Geppetto was swallowed by the whale Monstro while searching for Pinocchio, but that he's thankfully still alive. Opening up a storybook of "Pinocchio he explains how he came to the house of woodcarver Geppetto and his pets Figaro the cat and Cleo the fish. The cricket has now also proved himself to be a good conscience, and receives a gold badge. This is a Disney flick, after all. Geppetto and Pinocchio desperately try to row away in their makeshift raft, but Monstro destroys it and leaves our heroes stranded.

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