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thats the truth too; everywhere is terrible and wonder-filled and overwhelming if you open your sense to the actual pulsating beat. But also an intense feeling and love of the masses. In the same spirit, Sankara established his four Mathas (religious schools) at the four extreme points of the country viz. If the public do not vote in favour of criminals, dishonest and corrupt politicians who wish to purchase their votes by money or muscle powers, every thing shall be all right. How only the students are to blame, for such acts? The first kind of patriotism is good for our country and for the world The second kind of patriotism is bad for the world and will, sooner or later, be bad for the country that oppresses others. Lonely Planet (Travel guide book india is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. The love and attachment to ones motherland is not unnatural. The hills going southwards gradually receding from the sea turn westward to join the Western Ghats at the Nilgiri. Between the Ganga and the Rajmahal is a narrow defile or a passage from Chunar in the west (i.e. The Election Commission has accomplished a vital task of introduction of photo identity cards for all voters in the country.

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Progenitor forebear, begetter, ancestor;. But in spite of its many defects, India is a rich and open society, while Pakistan is culturally an impoverished and closed society. But, it will resist encroachment upon its own equal claim to fulfillment and will repel if possible any denial of ones own right to be fully human in every respect. Mere singing national songs and praising ones country are not enough. The identity cards not only eliminate the evil of impersonation but are also useful in various fields. These rights have to be respected and made available to the citizens by the state. The possibility of error Sometimes an innocent person might be put to death. Debarred penalized, sentenced, reproved;. Vs Iran The mountains of Safed Koh, Sulaiman and Kirthar separate Iran from the Indian subcontinent. Ganga, brahmaputra, deccan Plateau and Central India, western Side of Central Indian Plateau.

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