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its ideology there is always a way of thinking and feeling, a group of cultural habits, of obscure instincts and unfathomable drives. It is true that the Communists exploited the Resistance as if it were their personal property, since they played a prime role in it; but I remember partisans with kerchiefs of different colors. Of prodigious size, bulk, or degree. A bitter or malicious criticism. The lowest or deepest female voice or part. A model, pattern, or original to be copied or imitated. Byrd (Democrat, of West Virginia ) lost his position as Majority Leader in 1989 because his colleagues felt his speeches, which often employed obscure allusions to ancient Rome and Greece, were not an asset to the party base. To wind and turn while proceeding in a course. Directed toward knowledge for its own sake without respect to applications. Thoroughly penetrating or permeating.

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You cannot be protected from the things that frighten you and hurt you, but if you identify with the part of your being that is responsible for transformation, then you are always the equal, or more than the equal of the things that frighten you. Refuse show unwillingness towards There came unhidden tidings true to the tribes of men, in sorrowful songs, how ceaselessly Grendel harassed Hrothgar, what hate he bore him, what murder and massacre, many a year, feud unfading, - refused consent to deal with any of Danelands. One who makes dictionaries. A demon or monster that was supposed to devour human beings. Marked by lightness and softness. Thats all BAD because the worlds full of adults and they know a lot of things and they control all the resources and so you better GET along with them plus youre going to end up AS an adult for most of your life,. A short thick stick used as eavan boland the shadow doll essay a club.

Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco The New York Review Vocabulary List :